We are looking for talented designers to join our team.

After founding Emdash early this year, we’ve been off to a flying start. We’re working with several exciting projects, ranging from creating a more sustainable global food system, to start-ups, energy, and health care, to mention some. Our goal is to build a strong design team – and keep future-proofing businesses through design.

About the position

We’re now looking for a full-time designer to join our team. Emdash is still a small design agency, although you will be working with some of Norways strongest brands, ranging from start-ups, to corporate clients to the public sector.

Who we are looking for

You are a passionate designer, who through conceptual thinking, communication and design aim to drive change and ensure lasting effects for our clients. Our focus is not on age or years of education – as long as you’re passionate about the trade and have a good understanding of the toolbox needed to create strong visual experiences.

We promise the opportunity to work with interesting clients, and that you will be a central part of shaping both our design philosophy and the agency itself as we go along.

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